May 1 Flute lesson the day after the concert worked less than adequately. My mouth is still dry for some unknown reason. I also have a slight sore throat. Finished math homework in the nick of time. Was slightly unprepared for PWR class, but shouldered through somehow. Then spent a few hours on physics, and a few hours doing very little. Kinda a nice contrast. Well, at least I'm beginning to brush up on my Noam Chomsky.

May 2 For the first time this week, I made it to all my classes. Found math class unexpectedly interesting. Well, with flying balls, Laplace functions of nonexistant functions and whatnot, I was certainly amused. Discovered much to my sadness that the professor is probably leaving after the summer. That's sad, because he's one of the best lecturers in the department. IHUM consisted of a number of clips from "Apocalypse Now" as a counterpart to Heart of Darkness. Not too upbeat, but I finished physics afterwards, turned it in, and made a final trip to the library to locate research materials for my paper. Paper topic is Noam Chomsky and the mainstream American media. Question to be answered is whether Chomsky is an example of his "propaganda model" of the media in action. Keeping an open mind is hard when that bastion of liberal values, the New York Times, manages to nearly completely ignore the ideas of the man they call "arguably the most important intellectual alive." Yup, that's the free press we know so well.

May 3-30 Sorry. I have really been out of it the last month. A combination of poor planning, and whdda ya know, I've missed an entire month. Since the likelihood that I can report what's happened on a day-by-day basis even remotely accurately is somewhere in the area of nil to negative, I think I'll be truthful for once, and simply list a few of the major points. Those who've had the misfortune of knowing me recently probably can tell I've been out of it. To them, I apologize. Especially, the roommate, who's put up with my strange hours, violent moodswings, and penchant for TMBG music. Enough, here were my main pursuits.

GCC and its bug database have been consuming much of my free and not-so-free time. Look's like I'm helping the GNU cause. Leastaways, I hope so!

PWR (or Program in Writing and Rhetoric) has been keeping me pretty good and busy researching Noam Chomsky. Research paper's tend to be dry, but I think mine has some merit. The popular article I wrote for the class is even vaguely amusing.

Classes in general haven't been too exciting. I think I'm just too busy to enjoy them, plus one professor really has some issues with explaining.

No doubt more happened, but with my poor brain, it's all disappeared...

May 31 Spent nearly all day today working on Math homework and paper for PWR (effectively my writing class, for those who don't speak Stanfordese). Bottom line is that while I enjoy researching, I'm really ineffective and somehow I turned what should have taken 3 hours into a full day project. Clever, I admit, but hardly helpful.

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