February 1 This week's CS assignment wasn't so much difficult as poorly defined. As a result, spent a good deal of the day trying to decipher what was wanted. Hopefully I've succeeded. Otherwise a dull day. Oh, and spent the morning on a walk at the Arastradero preserve. Looks like spring made it. Or whatever they prefer to call it. Just so long as its green, I'm good.

February 2 A full complement of classes, interspersed with flute, programming, reading for history, and a meal. Or two. Two meals on a Monday is pretty unusual, but I survived the trauma.

February 3 Tuesday, which means /me needs to hurry up and finish reading stuff for history class. I don't particularly object, since its interesting stuff. Unfortunately, I just have a tough time participating in group discussions of social or cultural history since I have a tough time grasping the point. Economic and political discussions are more my type. Finished CS assignment 3 about 2 hours before it was due, and turned it in. Hope it turns out better than tetris.

February 4 Just your run-of-the-mill 4 class day. Which for me translates into something somewhat agonizing that finally lets up about 6PM, leaving time for dinner, and 5 hours of work. I'm tired.

February 5 After flute lesson this morning, spent all afternoon studying for the CS 103A midterm. The midterm proved mercifully straightforward, save for a few annoying definitions from sections of the book I'd barely read. Surprisingly, we were allowed a page of notes for this test. Equally surprisingly, I had no problem condensing the part of the text (250 pages) that was new to me down to well under the 1 piece of paper limit. Oh, I also think I may have a paper topic for history. I hope so anyway.

February 6 Some people find shopping therapeutic. My therapy for the evening was reinstalling MacOS X. In the process though, I managed to back up all my data, reformat my main partition, restore all the stuff I'd backed up (don't seem to have missed anything) and recovered about 5 gigs of disk space in the process. Excellent.

February 7 Finally a day of rest. Went up to San Francisco in the afternoon with friends to see the Chinese New Year's parade. Used the Caltrain bus going up (since the train is still down on weekends 'til "spring '04") and the Samtrans bus coming back. The parade itself was soemething of a disappointment, steeped as it was chock full of advertising and politicians (though I resisted the urge to shout "Gavin you slimeball"). Had dinner down at fisherman's wharf and then traipsed through a very much excited and filled-to-the-brim-with-tourists Chinatown.

February 8 I procrastinated a bit too much today. Managed to do some of the necessary bits of the CS assignment. My paper alas is in worse shape. Due tomorrow at noon. Yikes.

February 9 Got up nice and early to finish my paper. Succeeded mroe or less. Not my best achievement, but at least it's not pure trash. Day's classes were less than exciting. Spent a sizable chunk of the evening trying to organize for a trip during spring break with friends. Realized afterwards just how much needs to be finished this week. Suddenly life doesn't look all that fun. Actually, to rephrase it, if the world decided to spontaneously end at midnight, I wouldn't object in the least.

February 10 The week's low point came today. At least I hope it did. Finished off my history reading. Leading today's discussion was interesting. Didn't have too much luck leading. Oh well. Not my fault we ran out of time. Had a lengthy dinner, and managed to arrive at the week's movie (for history class) late. Managed to decipher the plot by the end. The combination of Italian, French, Arabic and Spanish complicated matters considerably.

February 11 Survived today. Barely. Made it to all 4 classes and somehow stayed awake. After them, worked on CS. Busy busy.

February 12 Woke up early for flute practice. Practiced a lot. To the point that I sounded half-decent at my lesson. Hope that doesn't lead to more bad habits. After lesson, had lunch, and spent the afternoon on math, and finishing the CS threads assignment. Turned in CS only 2 days late. Oh well, That's what late days are for.

February 13 I hate Fridays. Actually this was the best one in a long time. Finished math homework in the morning (or rather, thought I did) and went to 2 of 3 classes (not bad for a Friday). Started a little homework even, though didn't make it too far. Something tells me I'll be paying for my general unproductivity this afternoon.

February 14 In honor of Valentine's day, I did... nothing in particular. Worked on discrete math for a good while and successfully got absolutely nowhere (ended the day with as many problems left to solve as at the beginning). Did pay a visit to Palo Alto in the evening with a friend to look up maps/books for our still-in-the-planning-stage trip to Big Sur. Of course Borders didn't have anything useful, but at least I got a little exercise.

February 15 Spent a goodly portion of the day working on CS work, and an equally goodly one organizing Tom Lehrer (and later on, other) songs. My roommate has somehow amassed 3 CDs worth one song at a time. Good stuff. I particularly like the "Ancient Irish Ballad" written a few years back. My offhand suggestion of watching a movie of some sort was unexpectedly taken seriously. So we got 3 movies. Only ended up watching "Dead Again" (and to my chagrin, not "Duck Soup"). Weird movie, but interesting. Certainly of better quality than a lot of the day's stuff.

February 16 Thanks to some dark and rather foreboding clouds that got it into their heads to come this way, it was a wet day. Which of course both delayed and complicated (in the best possible way) my morning's planned walk with my dad. Afterwards we had lunch, I complained about life in general, and we went off in search of a replacement shaver (my previous one was stolen, and its predecessor proved not only uncomfortable, but also ineffective). Success. Then back to the dorm for dinner, and to the library for work. Read some 300 pages, mostly detailing the difficulties of Jews in North Africa and the Middle East following the end of WWI.

February 17-28 Many things happened. Including a second Math midterm, the beginning of my final CS 108 project, various activities, etc. Unfortunately, was too lazy to keep the journal up to date...

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