October 29-November 4 Plenty busy. Philosophy midterm over the weekend (also went to see the movie Lord of War, good movie incidentally). Played the second 2 movements of Prokofiev's Sonata in D for a noon flute concert, which could have gone better.

November 5-11 Uneventful.

November 12-18 Sick with a cold again. This one's even worse than the last. Lots of schoolwork.

November 19-25 Robert Fisk gave a talk on Sunday. Very good speaker, I enjoyed it thoroughly (he was basically telling bits from his new book). Monday and Tuesday spent at home recovering from being sick and trying to get various work done (we have the whole week off for Thanksgiving). On Wednesday, my cousin, my father and I drove down to LA. Took 101, the scenic route, which proved to be as long as ever. Stayed in a crummy hotel. Thanksgiving on Thursday was with my aunt and uncle's friends. Food was excellent as always. On Friday, went to the Getty Museum with my uncle, and met another cousin and her son too. Lots of relatives!

November 26-31 Saturday we visited downtown LA and Venice beach. Had dinner in the Iranian quarter of LA (basically, Westwood). Weather was a bit breezy, but amazingly clear. Sunday, we returned, in similarly nice conditions, stopping in Santa Ynez and San Luis Obispo. On account of traffic, we had to leave 101 after Salinas and go to Santa Cruz, and then to San Jose, and finally home. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all spent catching up on classwork and whatnot.

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