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Emulator recursion

Emulators within emulators.

So once you have Windows 95 running on your Mac, you begin to realize just how unlimited the possibilities are. Including running MacOS 8 inside Windows. And then, just for kicks, I ran Contiki on the Commodore 64 emulator inside that. Dare I call it recursion?

Emulator recursion

Windows and Mac on Mac.

Getting Windows 95 to run Internet Explorer 5.5 wasn't exactly trivial. Meanwhile, MacOS 8.1 is running simultaneously offering the wonders of Word 5.1, the one and only true version. Adecade in software development makes for surprisingly little change.

3 versions of MacOS

3 Versions of MacOS

MacOS 7.0, 8.1 and 10.3 at the same time. Interesting to see how memory requirements have grown with time. Maybe the improvement in graphics capabilities has something to do with it.

3 versions of Windows

3 Versions of Windows.

Another clear display of evolution. Windows 95 and Windows Vista (prerelease) both running under Windows XP. Windows 95 on a 2.4GHZ machine is downright snappy, even under VMWare. Unfortunately the same isn't true of Vista. Only half a gig of RAM is apparently insufficient.

Mac on Win

3 More Versions of MacOS

Unlike the previous shot, these are all running under Windows. And yes, I have Word 5.0 running in a virtual Mac Plus, as well as Netscape 2.02 on a virtual Quadra. No, the virtual PowerMac isn't doing too much, but that doesn't mean it couldn't... Anyway, three old Macs on Windows, and I daresay they still look prettier.

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