Every few years or so me and my dad would travel to Switzerland. This was usually for two reasons: vacation and meeting family. However, as I became more and more obsessed with hiking, a third reason emerged. 1999 was the first time that the primary focus of our trip was hiking. Let's just say that I dream of going back quite often.

One of the more amazing places we visited was the Val D'Anniviers in Valais. We stayed in a small hotel in St. Luc. Our first day there, we traveled up the Illhorn, above St. Luc, and then up the Weisshorn. The next day, we climbed up to the Col de la Tracuite, a magnificent pass in the wall of mountains surrounding the Val D'Anniviers (3250m). We spent the night in the little cabana, before returning early the next day, following a tremendous lightening storm that ended with nearly half a foot of fresh snow.

The Illsee

Cows on the trail

The Illsee, as viewed from the Illhorn.

A couple of cows on the trail leading to the pass.

Dent Blanche

Wide view of Dent Blanche

Zinalrothorn dominated the skyline.

Here's a wider view of Zinalrothorn.

Atop Col de la Tracuite

Cabana Tracuite

My father and I just below the pass.

We spent the night at the Cabana Tracuite.

Skyline above the pass

The ridgeline above the Col.

The view south from the pass.

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