On this trip to Switzerland, I was keen on seeing as much as possible. As a result, it was a few nights here, a few there, a few with this relative, a few with that one and so on, and so forth. Despite the scattered nature of the trip, I managed to take almost 8 rolls of pictures. I was using my new SLR camera Nikon FM2A) too, although not knowing what I was doing, I probably would have done better with a point-and-shoot.

Following a short visit to Geneva, my father and I drove to Saas Fee where we stayed for two nights. We made only one hike, climbing up to the Brittaniuhutte (3160m). The morning after we drove to Zermatt, where we made an afternoon hike to the Schwarzsee. The view was magnificent, although I couldn't get a straight picture of the Matterhorn due to the angle of the sun. Sadly enough, the weather turned foggy the next day, and I never had another opportunity. For the next trip, I suppose... We did make an unsuccessful attempt to ascend Oberrothorn the next day, but got lost, and so never quite arrived at the peak in question!

Mattmarksee and a glacier

Allalin Glacier

Mattmarksee and a glacier as viewed from

Allalin glacier seen from Kleine Allalinhorn.

Saas Fee square

A hotel in Zermatt

A square in central Saas Fee.

A hotel in Zermatt

The Gornergrat

Valley of Zermatt

The massive glacial valley of Gornergrat.

Looking down on Zermatt from above.

A bench

Trail to Matterhorn

The small bench 500m above Zermatt.

A trail leading up... towards Matterhorn?.


Hotel Schwarzsee

Looking up on Matterhorn from Schwarzsee.

The Hotel Schwarzsee and its incredible

Schwarzsee lift

A slat roof

Liftstation and other buildings above the

A slat roof coming back from Rothorn.

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