Our tradition of biennial trips to Switzerland continued this summer. We had a great time hiking, traveling, and generally seeing the country. I've collected the photos I took here.

Although a lot of these photographs could use editing, and a number just aren't any good at all, I've kept them, in the interest of completeness. Hopefully there's enough good stuff mixed in to make it worthwhile.

I've organized the pictures by which roll of film it was on. For each roll, there's a synopsis of events (my journals for the trip should make it online eventually). For each photo, there's the date it was taken, the place it was taken at, and a brief description of its contents.


Roll 1 covers from our arrival in Zurich until our first hike up Piz Scalottas (8/29 to 8/31).

Roll 2 (not scanned yet) continues from the Piz Scalottas hike to our Weisen-Lantsch marathon, ending with our quiet day in Chur (8/31-9/2).

The roll covering our hike up Diavolezza and Munt Pers wasn't exposed. No pictures :-(

Roll 3 (not scanned yet) takes us up to Statzerhorn, back to the Engadine, and finally over to Arosa (9/4-9/7).

Roll 4 is where we visit Thusis and Chur, hike to the Lunghin Pass in the rain, visit Poschiavo, and travel to Ticino and Ronco (9/8-9/11).

Roll 5 continues from Ronco, covers a brief tour of the Lenzerheide area, and includes the scenery we passed driving to Geneva (9/12-9/14).

Roll 6 contains our stay in Geneva, and our departure for St. Luc (9/14-9/16).

Roll 7 goes over our two days of hiking from St. Luc, first to Gruben, and then to St. Nicklaus and Zermatt (9/17-9/18).

Roll 8 is pretty much all Matterhorn pictures from our Zermatt hike, with a smattering of our visit to Neuchatel (9/19-9/20).

Roll 9 contains the last of my Swiss pictures. There's a little bit from Neuchatel, and a little bit from Zofingen (9/20-9/21). We return from Switzerland the next day.

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