9/20 - We wander around the city of Neuchatel for the day, visiting old town, markets and shops.

9/21 - We travel to Zofingen to visit family and then to Zurich to prepare for the next day's return to the U.S..

9/20 Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Hotel du Marche.

9/20 Lac du Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Quay by the lake.

9/20 Lac du Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Boat.

9/20 Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Saturday farmer's market.

9/20 Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Buildings on hillside.

9/20 Lac du Neuchatel, Neuchatel. Reflections on the lake.

9/20 Zofingen, Lucerne. Statue and fountain.

9/20 Zofingen, Lucerne. Narrow street.

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