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Journal (Diary)...

September 1, 2006 This site has now been officially replaced by Left 404. It will no longer be updated. Existing content will remain.

May 1 Some random silliness. First, a few (more or less) biographical details about me. Important stuff, ya know... Next, a few screenshots of absolutely no use to anyone. Well, maybe there are a few emulator geeks out there. Windows under Mac, under Windows... Stuff like that. I'm also a quotation sucker. Different folks for different strokes.

March 18 Just about made it to the end of the quarter. In honor of that, plus Apple's new machines, I've updated the π benchmark pages. New data, new binaries. Enjoy!

January 21 Another dump of photos. Other stuff (written) in the process of being added. Got the Thanksgiving photos. Oh, and the site just past it's 4th birthday. I'm certainly surprised...

January 3 A few more photos from around New Year's.

December 13 Another lengthy hiatus. Updated quite a bit. Probably will settle down for a while. Blog has been moved to another location (ask me where, if you really want to know), since it didn't really fit with the rest of the site. Still looking for ways to streamline journal updates (DreamWeaver is a real pain). Begun moving various papers I've written here too. A few photo updates (still waiting for somebody to send me the contents of my flash card from Thanksgiving...).

November 3 I've been on something of a hiatus. Doing a few updates now. Considering moving to a faster server, as an experiment.

September 25 Another load of photos is catalogued. Moving in to Stanford, so updates will probably be light for a while.

September 1 Still quite behind. Lots and lots of photos to add. Journal's a bit updated. Leave for New York today, so the rest may take a while. Happy summer everybody, and see most of you toward the end of September.

July 29 Slowly filling in the missing bits from last week. One of the (few) disadvantages of spending 4 days in Burgundy.

July 21 No you're not imagining things. After 3 years, and almost 6 months, I've reorganized the site. Decided it'd make life a little more exciting. Hopefully the css stuff is displaying properly for everyone...

July 15 Well obviously, an update (or more) is overdue. Journal is current again, and I've uploaded photos from just about every excursion I've taken since early June. Hope other people like them too.

Part of the problem keeping this thing uptodate is that everything is done manually, and using Dreamweaver, to put it mildly, is not a pleasant experience. It's not that the program is bad, it's just that its slow, and error prone, and now it's even begun to crash on occasion. So suggestion for web-photo album and blogging software are welcome. In short, trying to replace Dreamweaver (no emacs won't do it for me, that's even more error-prone and manual).

June 20 Research is slow and weather is hot. Sounds like all the people back on campus are having a good time together. Sniff. Guess I'll go back to the library now.

June 11 Finished with exams. Research starts next week (meaning I won't be home for a while). Cheers to everybody back home. Oh and yet more pictures.

June 8 Middle of exams. Posted the map of my route in the Pyrenees.

June 5 Back from the Pyrenees and almost caught up on course work, so up go another set of pictures. Also labeled where many of the older ones are from. Next week is finals, and then summer!

May 24 Put up photos from last weekend. Leaving for the Pyrenees tomorrow, so I hope to have even more in a week or so. Guess digital cameras do have their advantages.

May 19 Updated almost to present, now that I've found time. Pictures from Chamonix and Tours.

May 1 Caught up. Ready for the week from hell. Well, at least I hope I am.

April 22 Off for the weekend to the Loire valley with Stanford folk. Wish me luck, since the forecast is for rain. Some new pictures are up in the photo section.

April 18 Beginning of week #3 in Paris. Whew does time fly.

April 17 Back up to date. Having sporadic e-mail problems.

April 6 Real classes begin.

April 5 More orientation.

April 4 Orientation in Paris. My internet access is very transient, so e-mail responses and web-updates will be on the whole delayed and light.

April 3 Moving in in Paris.

April 2 With family in Lucern.

March 29 Visiting family in Geneva.

March 27 Off to Paris by plane. I will be out of the U.S. until at least mid-June.

March 26 Back from a 2-day trip to Yosemite. Pictures forthcoming.

March 23 Journal is mostly up-to-date. Also uploaded C# source code to pi_css5.

March 18 I'm done with finals for winter quarter, and so back at home.

January 29 Caught up again. Yes I've not been doing too good a job. But I have a favicon now too. Hopefully the beginning of better things.

January 1 I'm back from New York (12/23-12/31). So we're back up to date again.

Send comments or questions to zdjahromi@zgmail.com (remove the letter 'z' from the address before sending).

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